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OS: ISC 4.0.2
Device: Galaxy Nexus

After playing for like 30-60 minutes, the entire OS crashes and it auto reboots. It happens 2-3 times a day, but it occurs only while playing your sudoku and it started to happen after the latest update (which fixed the Settings screen for ISC)
Thanks for the response.

In "How To" you have written that:

1 . "Eraser clears the cell and closes the pop-up"
That is partially true. The eraser clears the cells based on what mode the pencil is. If you are in a pencil-mode, and in a field there is an actual value, pressing the eraser won't clear it. First you need to leave the pencil-mode. And vice versa: to clear pencil numbers, first you need to be in pencil mode.

2. What is "Board pattern" ? It is not described in the "How To".
Quire rare I go under 10 mins. Looking up in the History, the av.time is 17+-8mins.
Ver. 8.2
1. On History screen, the buttons Upload and OK don't work.
2. Pencil-mode does not work on a already filled field. Is that behavior intentional?

1. When there is a started puzzle, which can be opened with the button Load Last, clicking (or misclicking) over a button starting a new puzzle should open a popup "Do you really want to start a new puzzle?" with buttons Cancel(closes the message) and OK(opens a new puzzle).
2. Can you open the ads in internal browser? Example: observe the app The Globe And Mail how it opens the Ads. However I am not sure how easy is to code such a library.

UI suggestions:
1. The difficulty and timer to be moved to the empty area between the puzzle and the banner.
2. After 1. an extra space will be free in the header, and thus, extra buttons can be put there. Example: an Undo button which might ease the Bug2.
3. Add to History and a diagram of the games with (+) Something like a local submit. The result will be something like a Gaussian with a line/mark where the average time is. I personally don't care of my one-time-best-time-which-I-have-submitted, because I got lucky with that particular puzzle, but I would care for my general performance. And taking the average time instead of the one-time-best time is much more accurate factor for a user's performance.
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