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Have you ever seen a master mathematician at work - ever watched and old Chinese person using an abacus? Is it not possible that a person could legitimately be that good? To say it's not possible is not acknowledging mankind's ability. And to say it's not possible sounds like a case of "spoiled child" or disillusioned adult to me. I have not achieved scores even close to these top scores, but I am certainly happy to see my level of improvement. I'm just here to remind you that the truth may be somewhere between. Yes there are real talented people in this area and of course there are cheaters. Aren't they everywhere in every walk of life? Compete with yourself. I am amazed. I think Sudoku is teaching me many life lessons that seem applicable to me - don't jump to conclusions - don't rush- double check - look at the next logical path - patterns I have developed over time in other areas of life which usually have had less than favorable outcomes are now coming to my attention in the form of a little game..
Thanks for listening
I am new to the system. I cannot download my puzzle either and it looks right to me. Where do you go to check if it is right? Do you need to do anything special like pre-register for the competition? I tried backing up and taking a number out then re-enter but nothing. I have an I pod Touch. Also, when I look at "My History", it measures in seconds on the left side. What is the bottom measurement. I don't understand how to read it.
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