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Simon wrote:Our developer is looking into this issue. This issue occurs sometimes and there doesn't seem to be a pattern. A question to anyone that remembers, did you use the Undo/Redo features during the competition puzzle when that happened?

I had this issue last saturday. I completed the board, and assuming I did something wrong, I checked it 4 times. After 15 minutes of checking, I cleared the board, and did it again, with some really high numbers on the timer, and it still would not complete. I finally gave up after 30 minutes and something like 2 completions, and about 20 checks.

I am on an HTC EVO shift, android 2.3
Smplguy wrote:Are you telling me that the person with the best time of 00:00.0 is a valid time? There is no way in hell (or heaven) that those times under 2 or 3 minutes are valid. a cheater would never admit that they cheated so I will believe it wen I see it!

I agree that that there is a bunch of cheating going on, but I am not sure which difficulty you are referring to, may average on easy is 1:45 and I do not cheat. Why even bother downloading the game, much less playing, if you are going to cheat.
jcosapphire wrote:I don't know why you guys blame people for cheating. Until today, when I read these posts for the first time, I didn't know that it was possible to cheat in this game. I've been playing here for a few months and my best time on easy is 1:20. That's a very real score. I consistently score in the 1:50's and all of my ten best are under 1:33. I am by no means the greatest sudoku player of all time, so I do believe that *MOST* of the times are true... you guys should stop being upset that you aren't making the leader boards and use them as motivation to get better... it makes this game much more enjoyable if you do.

I am sorry, but it is not possible to complete a puzzle in 1 second, bot to mention there are several that were completed in the 30 second range. Even if you memorize all of the possible puzzle combinations, the average number of blank squares is 58 on easy, that would be an average of 116 key presses, with no fat finger mistakes, and there were several scores in the 30 second range. That would be an average of 4 key presses a second. Come on now.
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