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The upload buttons work. I get a response along the lines "your score is better than .." But then the app crashes. It is intermittent. It works about 20% of the time. When it crashes, it returns to the home screen. If I restart the in memory version, it will crash on every upload thereafter. If I remove from memory, and restart the app, it may upload once or twice again before crashing.

I sense it has something to do with the quality of the internet connection.
It does appear to be linked with the quality of the access to the server. Instead of saying "unable to connect", it seems to time out and crash while uploading results. It seems that you only update the device results table after you upload because after the crash the latest result is not saved locally. If nothing else, could you not update the device results first, at least we can then upload them later.
What version contains the fix? I have 9.0.2 paid version and I am still having the problem.
IPad second gen Sudoku ver 9.0.2. I have the paid app (so ads are not the problem). It crashes about 60 % of the time after uploading the result, it briefly displays the message saying what % of the results you have made, then crashes. It does not save the result in my results table. It is very frustrating when you get 95% then don't get the excellent result saved! If I unload from memory and reload, it works once or twice hen starts crashing again. I have the same problem with the free app.
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