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Will someone tell me where to find the hint option, and or the menus button
I recently upgraded and I can't even get the option for hints. I have searched settings aND can't find the option. What is the purpose of premium anyway, it's just the same as basic?
TRUMP wrote:Do you use digit first entry? Is scanning your primary method?

I use 1-9 and cell entry
Hawkdeivr : funny. You must be an engineer.
I use the free version. What,steps do I need to fallow to get my times to post during the completion time limit. I can do the easy around 6 min. That is as good as the times I see that get posted.
I noticed that on the easy row under completions a date and time flash. Do I have to login and complete a puzzle at that exact time for my results to show up under completion in the states?
Unfortunately my best time is 6:31 for easy. Where should I go to see my time in relation to others of same rides or similar?
In every spot that will allow access. The easy table only shows me times that are less that a minute. I have searched , my history and competition
Can anyone tell me why none of my easy times do not show up. The only one I can find is an extreme game and it is not even finishex
Can anyone suggest some strategies to increase times? If someone else can do the easy in 22sec then I should be able to at least break 4min. Help please.
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