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I'm not the fastest solver on here, but very close to. I regularly solve expert in 1:30 and don't really care about the other difficulty levels... but, YES, easy in 0:30 is.... easy. It's not a "cheat" as you guys say.

As has been said before, just because YOU can't solve it that fast doesn't mean someone else can't

And if you really want to know where you stand vs the world, head over to the US puzzle championship website. Try their puzzles and compare yourself to the very best.
So I see what your question is.... but both instances you're questioning (the 7/4 and 9/1) are part of the given values. Thus, they're not interchangeable. Thus, there's only one, unique solution. It's not valid to interchange initial conditions.

You didn't make an error, you simply interpreted the initial conditions and solution incorrectly
As I said before, you've made an error elsewhere. Go back and find your error before continuing to solve the puzzle incorrectly
This puzzle has a single solution. I've just solved it by pencil, in the order listed below. Compare to find your error.

761 429 358
249 385 176
358 761 294

473 812 965
682 594 713
195 637 842

916 253 487
524 178 639
837 946 521
These puzzles all have unique solutions. If you come to a final point like this then you made an error elsewhere in the puzzle... look for it (it's there) and undo until it's undone, then re-work the puzzle.
Just to comment about the whole "start a puzzle, screenshot it, solve it, finish it while looking at the answer" cheating strategy... if you've read through the posts on this forum then you would know that I also tried this (because I couldn't think of another way to cheat the app) -- and failed to break into my own top 10 times.

Additionally, the "math" behind how long it physically takes to fill in answers per the number of empty cells... I can't explain why that math is wrong, but my guess is that it's based on incorrect assumptions.

Simply put, those who don't believe incredibly fast times are possible, stating these things as thier reasons for believing so, are old hat. It's annoying. It is possible to finish extreme puzzles in less than 1:30 without any help functions active. I know because I literally do it almost every day... this isn't to put anyone down for being slower than that. I simply don't care about that. My point is that these times CAN be achieved legitimately. I've never posted an illegitimate score. So if you see my handle up there, know that it can be done. And I know of several other handles that can do the same. Those are the people I'm competing with on the weekends. Sorry, rant over. Thank you.
Yes, there is DEFINITELY a finite number of puzzles. The repetition of puzzles in the extreme category is the reason I've almost entirely quit the extreme category (except for competitions) this year. I had assumed this was ANOTHER problem (the other being hijacking ads and popups) that would be solved by paying for premium, but if that's the case, I'd rather just buy books and solve by hand. Unfortunate for genina

Reading through the forum, these seem to be problems common to many users. It would behoove the developers to give serious thought in addressing these issues. I'm sure I'm not the only one using this app less and less because of these problems.
I consistently submit scores that many of you would think I cheated to get, but I solve the puzzles in the only way sudoku puzzles should be solved. I tried the whole screenshot, solve, fill in, blah blah, and guess what? That puzzle didn't even make my top 10 in extreme. I'm not saying people don't cheat because I have no idea, but I am saying that the puzzles can be solved faster than you can type in a solution from a pre-solved reference.
franner wrote:I have rea all the posts on this topic, and have come to the conclusion that either;
Some of the claims made, are fictional,
I am as thich as two short planks.
I would like to challenge those with sub ten minute times, in extreme, to video the achievement.
Any one prepared to accept?

Most of the posts on here are DUMB. This guy challenging anyone who "claims" to have a SUB-10 MINUTE time to video it, because apparently, this genius thinks so highly of his crappy 10:00 best as impossible to beat without cheating. What a joke. I don't even remember the last time I finished a puzzle in 10 minutes. Hell, even 6 minutes.

And all of you complaining about someone cheating... who cares if someone posts a 1 second time? It doesn't matter. It's not keeping you off the leader boards. I make the board on hard and extreme almost daily, and I do it just by playing for fun. Some people are good, some people aren't, and some people are the best. If that's not you, it'll be okay. Just stop thinking there's something wrong with everybody else.
Ave. Time 5:30, best time 3:40
My best extreme score is 4:14 and I didn't even realize that people could cheat at this game... true, there is a big difference between the difficulty levels of many of the extreme level games, but I consistently get 6:00 times. Same thing with the hard difficulty: I usually get 5:00's but today I got a 2:59.. I guess there is a lot of cheating going on here and that's untortunate, but it is very possible to make the top 25 legitimately, because I do usually once a day or so. Just wanted to let you guys know that not everybody's a cheater... you can get faster times
I don't know why you guys blame people for cheating. Until today, when I read these posts for the first time, I didn't know that it was possible to cheat in this game. I've been playing here for a few months and my best time on easy is 1:20. That's a very real score. I consistently score in the 1:50's and all of my ten best are under 1:33. I am by no means the greatest sudoku player of all time, so I do believe that *MOST* of the times are true... you guys should stop being upset that you aren't making the leader boards and use them as motivation to get better... it makes this game much more enjoyable if you do.
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