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I just scored a 4:57 on an extreme puzzle, my personal best. I usually consider getting below 10 minutes as pretty good for me. It really does depend on the puzzle you get, though. In reference to previous posts mentioning 50/50 guessing... um... what?! Don't do that! You can always use logic to get the result.

Edit: My personal best is now 4:07 for Extreme.
I choose simply to change my thinking. In my opinion, there is no "cheating." Now, it may be true we are not all playing the same game in that I am measuring my time solving the puzzle in the UI using my brain and manual dexterity. Others may choose to play differently. If their goal is to post the fastest time they can using any means possible, then that could be a different game altogether. I don't know what methods could be used, but I suppose pausing the game and solving it using other methods could be used. Perhaps there are other methods of entering the solution that are very fast. There might even be folks who have the skills to (probably illegally) hack the server and upload anything they want without even solving a puzzle at all. Whatever. Some folks might be playing the game of "do whatever I can to get a really short time" which is not the game I play. *shrug* It's all good.
I suppose I'm being a bit pedantic, but... of course the number of puzzles is finite. (It really bugs me when people misuse words like "infinite.") While the number of valid puzzles may be considered large, i.e. billions of trillions, it is certainly not infinite!
Zing wrote:Cause "Nobody can do it faster than ME!" Seriously, the only way to resolve the issue would be to disqualify all paused games.

Another solution would be simply not to have any pausing of the clock. Once a puzzle is displayed, the clock is running... period. Some persons might still cheat by using tools to solve the puzzles, but at least it would reduce the absurdly fast times. I've never tried it, but I feel pretty confident that even if I had a solved puzzle in front of me, i couldn't even enter the numbers into the boxes fast enough on my phone's app to finish one in less than 30 seconds. Congrats to those who can, but... what's the point? Maybe it's only me, but I solve Sudoku puzzles for the fun and challenge. I suppose that might be the reason others do what they do; the fun and challenge of posting the shortest times possible by any means they can contrive. It can't be about solving the puzzle.

Anyway, I think a non-pausing clock would be a remedy.
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