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Stickywulf wrote:Can you explain what is x-wing swordfish and xy wing?

I get good times on easy, medium and hard but on on extreme I rarely make the leaderboard.

I would love some tips and if you could explain x-wing, swordfish and xy wing then I can compare with what Im doing and let you know if its different.

sorry I don't know how to explain it but I found a website that explains them.

my friend taught me the techniques I mentioned. the website does show a few others I never learned, but I think they take more time if used.

X-wing is the most useful and I had a variation of it before I was told about it. the xy-wing is the one I see a lot in the extreme puzzles.
Just wondering, are there any advanced techniques that are reliable/faster to use other than x-wing, swordfish, and xy wing? I wanna hit an extreme time of less than 3 minutes, so far my best is 3:35 with no helps used. I don't know how legitimate the scores are but if the 1x times are real then pretty sure I can hit 2x times as well.
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