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I have just reset my ASUS Transformer 101 to the factory defaults. This removes all user information and all user installed apps.

I am happy to tell you that Sudoku Premium now performs perfectly. I have tested with one extreme and one hard game with no crashes.

Thanks for your support by email. I will let you know if the issue should turn up again at some point. Although it seems likely that the issue was somewhere else in the system it could perhaps be due to accumulated data in Sudoku.

Thanks again for a great Sudoku program. I hated the thought of being without it.
The screen just freezes with only one or two lines painted. It doesn't recover but I can get out with the home button.

I have a couple of screenshots but I cannot see how to upload them. The choices seem to require a link to the picture.

Often the freeze occurs as I tap to enter a digit or pencilmark. But last time it froze as I changed from pencilmark to full digit.
I love this game. It is the best Sudoku game I have found.

Recently I have been experiencing regular crashes.

I play on extreme with 'number first'. I fill out the pencil marks starting with 1 then 2,3, etc. Now by the time I get to 4 or 5the game crashes. Sometimes the screen goes black, but most often the top 1 or 2 rows are painted and the rest is blank.

Asus Transformer TF101
Android 4.0.3

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