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leomaks wrote:Help

1) Row 7, eliminate excess 6, 8. Leaving 2x cells with 8/6 and 2x cells with 1/2.
2) Row 7, eliminate excess 1, 8, 6. Leaving 3 cells as 8/6, 1/8/6 and 1/6 and 2x cells as 2/9.
3) This leaves Column 5 with 4 cells as 1/7, 1/2, 2/9, 7/9. This eliminates the 1 in the cell on row 2, column 5, which means it is a 3.

Rest of the puzzle should be easy.
jeka wrote:Hello.

The reasoning behind considering using auto-fill the same as using helper is that if auto-fill is used, it may reveal cells where only a singe option is available, thus giving away (potentially) parts of the solution "for free".

The counter argument is that finding these cells is merely an exercise in word-search, or in this case - digit search, and does not require application of logic, and as such does nothing more than eliminate "manual labor" from puzzle solving.

What do you think? Should it be considered equivalent to using helper or not?

Are we allowed to use autofill now and it will count as part pf the daily leaderboards? It's not a guarantee, but I'm certain this would be a huge factor in speeding up completions once someone learns to use this tool.
Thank god I didn't learn about autofill till now - could easily lose out on so much skill building
1s on easy, Lobotomy is a good ol' cheater
Keep it up! Soon you will break the 1minute barrier and get to 50s, post again when you are stuck at the 40 or 50s level and we can help you breakthrough!
Agree with hippa - it's amazing people don't use digit first, sideways held phone (so you get one side, usually right for number/eraser selection, and the other side for inputting numbers, usually left).
The double finger approach I've been experimenting with is as soon as you press the right side with the number you have selected to run through, say 8. Then you quickly use both fingers to input on the cells, while maintaining most of the presses using the left hand, so you can switch to the next number on the right.

The key to this game is figuring out mini-bits of logic and not so obvious ways of eliminating certain rows and positions from being a possibility. This makes it much easier to obtain the 1 or 2 finds that you won't get using basic line and box logic eliminations. From those special eliminations you will be able to finish a lot faster. Mechanics and the like are nice, but not necessary until you are below 40seconds on easy.

Without pencilling, I have just completed an extreme at 1:48. Before that, I always pencilled, so it would take me 5-8mins. Now with new understandings of how to pencil more efficiently and drastically reduce the number of pencil eliminations needed later, I typically do 2-5mins now.

Easy has 43-45 filled in digits to start, that leaves 36-38 digits to fill.
Extreme has 25-27 filled in digits to start, that leaves 54-56 digits to fill.
At my fastest moments, I can probably fill 5-8 cells per second (thank my time playing RTSes - Red Alert and Starcraft), but that can only be done for a certain digit that is already well eliminated such that it is obvious where I need to click. Almost all the time we spend on sudoku is finding breakthrough eliminations and the thinking time where we don't press anything and are finding the next point where to start the next run/digit. The technique I focus on is upon knowing where to type in digits, I make my hands naturally press it without looking, thus giving my eyes and brain a few milliseconds to think of the next digit to press before I have even finished pressing the first digit. This is that approach of no thinking that other people have mentioned before. Swelby27's video was the best example of this, as I saw her just pressing the buttons before I even had time to process them (even though I wasn't even playing the game, just watching).
I find the 30s barrier is very difficult to breach as well, even when I utilize the no stop approach.
I have been trying to do the dual finger to input numbers but I still stick around 30-33s for those, but it isn't consistently fast.

Typically I find there are three easy difficulties, the easiest is fast 30-
39s, the average 40-59s, then the hard is slower 60-90s.

I would like to ask jasmil82 his secret for getting 20-25s consistently on the leaderboard
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