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Found an android app called 'Twilight', similar to the PC app 'Redshift'.
The app gradually adjusts the colour temperature of your screen as the sun sets where ever you are in the world. Solves the problem of late night glare in lieu of the game developers doing anything.
The repetition drives me bonkers now!
I play on hard level - & I'm super-familiar with most of the puzzles. I do play a lot, but genina could really do with expanding the small number of games available.
It's not long into a puzzle I'm always muttering to myself "oh, it's this one.. the trick to this one is... "
I think it would be generous to state that there are 30 puzzles available on hard level.
I was thinking a 'cool blue' theme for that cheeky last game while in bed before sleep time. This feature alone would make this game absolutely perfect!
Please give it serious consideration, Mr Dev!
My eyes will love you always!
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