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many many thanks.
I assume few things that I miss have the same answer.
How on earth did you discover it?
hats off!
thanks again.
I don't mean the settings, but the options where I can get a hint, validate etc.
or else I'm asking in the wrong forum and I should look in Samsung 5 forum
if anyone knows I'd appreciate an answer
thank you
You did it!
Thank you very very much!
played few games from start to end with no forced closing
9.2.1 solved my problem
Removed all other sudoku games
thanks again
many many thanks, jeka
looking forward to this correction
android id = Got it and I'm taking it out for privacy reasons
do I have to be connected with my tablet?
in Google play 9.1.3 is the current version (I don't have update, just open or uninstall)
so what causes it? is the paid version any better? how do I know it won't happen with the paid version (I am willing to pay)
I tried many sudoku games on the android and I really think it is the best and I'd like to continue play with it.
I have version 9.1.3
do I have to update again?
I removed and reinstalled it few days ago but I'll try again.
Can anyone tell me if the last version compatible with android 3.2? and if not where do I find older version?
thank you for your quick answer.
the message is this:
" the application sudoku free (process com.icenta.sudoku.ui) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again"
and then I have two options:
force closing and report.
report didn't help much (never got any feedback) and of course try again causes the same message.

The game was installed more then a year ago and it was my favorite game because the extreme level was hard enough for me.
only during the last two weeks or so it stopped functioning properly.
and it does not force closing when I start the game, but after few minutes.
Can anyone help?
Tablet: Motorola Xoom
OS: android 3.2

Lately Genina's Sudoku (free version) forces closing with a warning I don't understand.
Did anyone experience similar phenomenon?
Does the latest Sudoku suits android 3.2? (I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I have automatic update for this game)
If it doesn't where can I get older versions of Genina's Sudoku free?
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