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I sent a message to Genina August 19, immediately after I updated android. They have promised a fix "soon" - the last time (of three) it was "within a week or two, maybe sooner." That would be more reassuring if the message hadn't been sent on September 3rd!
I have recently begun to get a message "Unable to Connect" when I try to upload my Sudoku results. I know I have internet connectivity (through Wi-Fi - I haven't tested when I am connected via cell data), because I can reach new material with my browser (Chrome).

I am running the premium version v10.2.5.g on a Pixel2. I recently updated Android to version 9 (Pie), and the problem may have begun then, but I can't be sure of that.

Anyone else see that problem recently?


mwm242 wrote:Well, sort of. I'm sure the graph is accurate, but there is no way to read what the time represented is, at least not more than an approximation.

If you right-click on the graph it will allow you to "Inspect Element" - a text box will open up in the bottom of your browser window showing all the html that encodes what you are seeing. Scroll through that, and you will see a long line of values - these are the Y-axis values that are supplied to the graphing engine. You can highlight that line and then cut / paste the values into whatever other program you want to use them in.

It's a bit of a kludge, but it's better than nothing.

It would also be helpful to have the graph in mm:ss format, or have the timer results in sss format - as it is, it is hard to compare the two without doing some mental arithmetic.
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