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I try to update the leaderboard soon, I think I have improved my own time as well!
Oh, and why oh why don't you update the leaderboard mods??? I just don't come here very often myself...
My new personal best is 5:04! No cheats used.
Similarly to the thread about best easy level times this thread tries to find out the best honest times and solvers in the Medium level.
What is a honest time? A time that has been set in a same way as you would solve on paper (except that you use your phone/tablet), you can only use your brain and quick fingers, and obviously no cheats can be used whatsoever.

Here's the list of cheats/hints etc. that cant be used to submit a time here:
  • No pausing the puzzle, writing it down and solving elsewhere and then just entering numbers is allowed;

  • 'Disable all help' (which includes 'Flag conflicting values' and 'Flag incorrect values') has to be ticked in 'Settings';

  • 'Show crosshairs' has to be disabled i.e. not ticked in 'Settings' as it helps to see the sudoku more efficiently and can improve time;

  • 'Show digit counts' has to be disabled in 'Settings' as it makes it easier to solve due to showing you which numbers are already filled and making it easier to find next number;

  • 'Digit entry style' has to be 'Pop-up' in 'Settings' because the 'Buttons' option would highlight numbers that are already used below the sudoku;

  • All other things that you or someone else can come up with and that help to solve the sudoku faster are not allowed.

  • Leaderboard looks like this:
    (I try to update it occasionally and if mods/admins want to update it then go ahead!):
    1. driv4r - 3:04 (better than 84% on the day)
    My best is 6:20 but sometimes I solve for an hour or so, especially if it's one of those puzzles where you need to use the 50-50 option, i.e. there is no way to find a cell with only 1 possible option, so you have to guess and try 1 of 2 possible numbers, if you pick the wrong one then try the other number.
    So, it really depends on your luck as the difficulty varies considerably in those extreme sudokus.
    And once again I have solved similar level sudoku (though the 50-50 ones are very rare) much faster on my laptop and my best result is 3:10.
    My best time so far is 2:12 (using on-screen keyboard & cell first input option) but I'm not that fast on my fairly small smart phone touchscreen (3"), otherwise would probably be considerably faster. For example my best time in a similar easy level sudoku on my laptop is 1:07 (using numpad).

    EDIT: After 2 small improvements my new personal best is 2:09.
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