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You've done it again! ... Many thanks, up and away again.
After some time I'm returning to Android but find that when accessing the app in the store it does not know me as a paying customer and wants another $2.99 - what am I doing wrong?
jeka wrote:What does it say exactly when you view the app in the Play store? Does it say "Installed"? Are you sure you deleted the app and not just removed a shortcut to it from your home screen?

Yes, exactly that - however when I just then tried to get the precise statements that were being shown on Playstore I clicked on the install button that then went to the next install button that was NOT now greyed out! The program installed and appears to be working as it should. Hopefully that is the end of my problem. I hadn't worried too much as I could use the free version in the interim.

Thanks for your response.

I was having difficulty with the program not starting. Sometimes several attempts would get this to work properly, sometimes not. I then had a bright idea: uninstall and re-install, I uninstalled OK but am unable to re-install the app.

The play store recognises the program having been installed previously on the device and is grayed out - HELP - what have I done wrong?
jeka wrote:I stand corrected! I, too, don't see a menu button...

After doing some searching online I think I may have a solution for you. Please let me know what happens if you hold the "Recent Apps" button a little longer (so, just long press it).


YES! - Thank you so much.



jeka wrote:You probably have a software menu option. Usually, it would be under the three vertical or three horisontal lines that would appear at the top-right or at the bottom of the screen.

This 'menu' button is different on the HTC and termed 'recent apps' - it's not the normal three bars but looks like screen on screen and brings up a selection of the main apps from the home screen, not the menu from Sudoku.

The HTC is very new to me and maybe this default behaviour can be changed somewhere deep within the settings but is not immediately apparent - I'll post if I do find a solution. Maybe people with this brand are bypassing Genina's sudoku if they are unable to fully use and evaluate the program because of this 'Feature'. If I can't find an answer to this odd happening it would be the path I'd have to look at - unfortunately.

Love this game, no good at it but I still love it, and have now struck a funny problem with a new phone.

The phone is HTC Desire V - and Sudoku works fine except I cannot access the 'Menu' - validate, auto-fill, hint etc.

Now I'm quite prepared to wear a dunces cap if there's something I've overlooked but this has not been a problem for me on any other phone or tablet.

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