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My best for extreme is 2:03. The other top 10 are all under 3:00. A typical game runs 4 to 5 mins. Some rare games will take me up to 10 mins, when x-wings or hidden triples or quads are part of the solution.

I've found that the fastest games have some characteristics. 1) there are more than one number which only have one digit already on the board 2) when one digit has no numbers already on the board.

No, I don't cheat. I don't need to; I'm only playing against myself. I don't post my scores or play against a friend. I play to waste time or to take my mind off of other things.

Frankly, Extreme is often far too easy and are an annoyance when they are so ultra fast. I have lately resorted to grabbing games from other sources in order to be challenged at all. My current source lists the games as Medium, and they typically require from 10 to 20 minutes to solve, with the occasional 6 or 7 minute game thrown in. I tried one of their Hard games, and they were beyond my skill level. One had two x-wings and a swordfish all in one step of the solution. That was beyond my current knowledge level, though I recall studying those some 10 years ago.

So, these fast times absolutely can be done without cheating. And, to the devs, if these are Extreme, could you perhaps consider adding an 'Impossible' level so that we could have some games that are a bit more challenging? I hate adding Custom games.

Or, add a way to scan another game and import it into your game? That would be lovely.


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