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Earlier today I got my best time ever for easy, 0:57. It said it was a top 100 score, so I uploaded it and it shows on the top 50 that are listed. Now I got a time of 1:00 and it told me it was in the 98%. The problem is that the top 50 scores listed go to 1:02. So if I made a top 50 score, why did it only say 98%, and why won't it upload to the top times page? And yes, I did upload the score.
jeka wrote:Agreed. That is why that information is on the graph (the Y axis).

Well, sort of. I'm sure the graph is accurate, but there is no way to read what the time represented is, at least not more than an approximation.
jeka wrote:Hello. We don't track that information. Only the time it took to solve (if uploaded).

Even if the exact dates aren't kept, the sequential listing of times to solve would still be helpful.
Thanks jeka, I found the option to highlight selected digits. After one day of casual play I replaced 7 of my top 10 times on easy, but see no such drastic improvement in my extreme times. Hopefully I will break the 1:00 barrier on easy soon...
What a huge advantage for iphone users! I use an android phone and after reading this post I tried the app on my wife's iphone and was able to get much faster times. Android version needs an update!
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