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I love this latest version. It has added many features that I love from AsterWare's Sudoku for Palm (I have a Tungsten E2 before I bought my Samsung Galaxy S 4G Andriod). The Palm is not networked.

But, I would like to recommend a feature: Enter a puzzle. For example, you want to solve a puzzle from today's newspaper (you remember those things you used to line your birdcage with).

I know there's a big difference in that AsterWare Sudoku for Palm is not designed to be networked. Another feature it has is that it can generate puzzles. And it has a lot more hints. But, all these features go away from the entire competition network idea.


-=- PalaDolphin
I'm slow because I haven't played in a while: Easy 6:36.

Here's cheating: If you root your Andriod device, you can manipulate numbers using a program similar to CheatEngine. CheatEngine is used in Windows to edit numeric values in Adobe Flash games. CheatEngine has several techniques to find values by several techniques, then change them.

It also has the ability to slow down the system clock.

I think the only way to really measure speeds are to force a system date/time update from the server at the start and when solved. Include that info and display an asterisk (*) if the time is questionable, and exclude those times when reporting better than %.

-=- PalaDolphin
I like plb's idea. Actually I was going to suggest something like that.

But seriously, user thedapperlass entered a time today of 3 seconds. The only way I can think of achieving that is by rooting your Andriod device and stop the clock.

I suggest using time-of-day: once for starting and once for solving. Of course, if you're hacking your phone by rooting, that could probably be worked around too; unless you force a retrieval of the date/time each time from the server.

I don't know. I really like comparing my times against others, but there must be a way to guarantee that they are legitimate.

-=- PalaDolphin
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