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Difficulty of the puzzles change drastically, periodically
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Joined: 24 Oct 2018
Messages: 1

I've been playing for several years on my Android phones. I play all four levels. My personal challenges are to complete the Extreme and Hard levels without any time constraints (although I'd estimate an average of 5 minutes on the Extreme and 3.5 minutes on the Medium), complete the Medium level in under 2 minutes, and complete the Easy level in under 1 minute. I'd guess that I play this game 30 times daily. The "History" on my phone, now 2 years old, shows the following range of the top 10 times for each level:
0:38 - 0:43 - Easy
0:57 - 1:05 - Medium
1:20 - 1:36 - Hard
1:33 - 1:50 - Extreme

This is all to suggest only that I am an experienced player.

Most of those Extreme best times probably were, in reality, a Medium-skill puzzle, given the high number of pre-filled squares. Today, however, the difficulty scale for all four levels shifted upwards. I can't finish a Medium puzzle in less than 4 minutes; normally I can complete those always within 2.5 minutes. The one Extreme puzzle I completed today without any helps (hints or validation checks), took about 9 minutes.

What I've noticed is that the number of pre-filled squares has dropped dramatically today. Where I might see five numbers pre-filled on 4 squares (for example, the numbers 2, 3, 6, 8, & 9 are pre-filled 4 times) on a Medium puzzle, today, I'd be lucky to see one number pre-filled on 4 squares. The same "anomaly" occurs on all 4 levels.

If my personal history with this game is any guide, this "anomaly" will last a day or two, then return to normal. I've never tracked the dates when this happens, but a WAG would be once every 5 weeks.

If you are an experienced player, have you noticed this? It isn't subtle, and I've wondered at times if the developers are doing social experiments on us.

Joined: 17 Mar 2018
Messages: 2

I have noticed they sometimes change from day to day. I think there are different levels based on the tags I see in the competition button. Sometimes it says "extreme [x2]". Right now it says "easy [e6]". I think the better you get, the harder it puts you, but I have no way to verify that.

I wish though it would separate the difference between highlighting on or off. I can do a medium, with highlighting, in an average of 2 minutes. Without highlighting it takes me at least 4.

Joined: 6 Jan 2019
Messages: 1

I like to complete "medium" puzzles and compete against myself for time. My top ten are all sub 2 minutes. Somedays it my take 12 minutes! I thought it was random days of dementia!
Thank God I'm not alone . . .
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