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Suggestions to Improve App
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Joined: 10 May 2018
Messages: 1

I have two suggestions that might help improve the app. Let me know what y'all think about this. Anyone else want these features?

When solving the puzzle using "digit entry mode", occasionally I'll accidentally click the wrong square. Not a big deal usually I notice right away and click undo (great function BTW). But I think that if I click on a square that already has a number solved in it, the app shouldn't just be so quick to replace that number. If you click on a square that was already solved, it should require confirmation before changing the number with whatever number I clicked. Maybe have an option for a pop-up request verifying "Do you want to change existing number?" or something like that (similar to how it asks if you want to resume game or start a new one) or maybe you'd have to double-click in order to put a number where one already exists. This is not a major complaint, but does occur frequently enough when I'm moving very fast and can be really annoying, especially if I don't notice right away. I don't think anyone would deliberately replace an existing number they already solved with a different one.

Secondly, and this may be harder to implement: can you come up with a way to write a pencil note marking that a certain number can NOT go in a square. Sometimes I use logic to recognize that a specific box or line cannot contain a certain number, and I'd like a quick way of noting that to remember. Maybe it could look like a small pencil mark grayed out or with a line through it crossing it off. I know many other people like myself utilise a notation form like this when solving on paper (which I rarely do nowadays thanks to your great app) and it would help improve your app's functionality.

Of course, both these suggestions can be made optional and controlled by the user settings, so you're not hindering anyone's usage if they do not like my suggestions. But I'd always think the more you can customize and cater to every user, then better off your doing!

Joined: 1 Nov 2018
Messages: 1

Right... Great Suggestions.

Joined: 1 Apr 2017
Messages: 2

I suggest you start recording the time the user is working on the puzzle continuously. Each time they pause you record time played. If the user solves it in one setting then total time will match solve time. If the user works on the puzzle 3 time for instance you may record 45 secs, 30 secs, and 15 secs for a total solve time of 90 seconds. If these stats are included in what gets sent to online site it will be more obvious who is more likely to be cheating. When someone has a great time with only one continuous game time they are less likely to be cheating by doing a screen shot or recording puzzle with another device.

Joined: 17 Feb 2019
Messages: 1

Can I make another suggestion. I really can't compete with the savants and cheaters so could you just add an average time for each category.
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