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Joined: 20 Jan 2022
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pmactoo wrote:What is the point of having a timer on the game if people are only going to cheat. I play the game because I like it and I would like to see where I stand against other players who also choose not to cheat.

Cheating says a lot about one's character and cheating on something as insignificant as a game indicates a big flaw in one's character. Of course my words will have no affect on those who choose to cheat - why would they since they have no conscious - I felt it needed to be said.

Joined: 7 Dec 2022
Messages: 2

Best times:
Easy - :54
Medium - 1:23
Hard - 1:46
Extreme - 2:23
Top 10 in each category are maybe 10%-20% slower.
The majority of the time taken per puzzle is just in filling in the squares, not in computing the solution, since I only use my cell phone to play, and it is common to hit the wrong number on the first try where I have to erase then refill with the correct number. Every once in a while a Med or a Hard could take 5 min, but then I will break 3 min on back to back extremes, so for my style of solving the levels are maybe a little imbalanced and skew easier than other sudoku sites. I recognize there are many people better than me at this game, so I figured the leader boards had a handful of cheats but were for the most part legitimate. If I spend a few hours on a Sunday doing puzzles I improve, so if I were to focus more on it and use a faster entry method or bigger device maybe I could improve by 20% or so, but I don't care as much about the times as I do about the challenge and the fun, where every puzzle is different but the same... So I am going to keep playing on my phone and not worrying about the Leader boards and who's cheating or not cheating.

Joined: 5 Jun 2017
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I don't think it's cheating. I regularly break two minutes on extreme (just got a new personal best at 1:31 and thrilled). I play while listening to audio books and my brain just does the pattern recognition on autopilot. And I'm sure there are people faster than me out there who don't need to cheat.
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