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Changes to Medium & Hard puzzles in January 2021
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Joined: 23 Jan 2021
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I've only been using this Sudoku game since November 2020, but for weeks I was telling all my friends about it! It was great! If you wanted something to do for ~2 minutes, do an Easy one; ~4-5 minutes, a Medium puzzle; ~7-8 minutes, a Hard puzzle.

Then about 10 days ago the Medium & Hard puzzles changed - at least, for me. Now the Mediums are like the Hard ones used to be; and the Hard ones take 15-20 minutes!

Anyone else experiencing this? Is this the game changing based on my scores . . . or something else?


Joined: 4 Oct 2013
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Yep. I stopped playing for a while??? my best time for what was a medium puzzle was 1 min 47 sec??? and just over 2 minutes for hard??? suddenly it was taking 25 - 30 minutes and I still hadn???t solved at either of those levels.

Joined: 25 Feb 2022
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Location: United States

However, around 10 days ago, the Medium and Hard riddles altered - at least in terms of difficulty for me. The Mediums are now the same difficulty as the Hards were previously, and the Hards take 15-20 minutes!

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