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What's yout time for Extreme Category?
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Joined: 23 Apr 2015
Messages: 3

My top time is 1:43 and my tenth is 2:02. Generally, I stay around 3 minutes. Never cheated. Actually, I only learned it was possible to cheat on the comments here. How is it even possible to pause the game? And why is that fun?

Joined: 10 Nov 2017
Messages: 1
Location: Puerto Rico

My fastest extreme was on 10/14/17 with a time of 1:31. I play with highlighted numbers (only blue, no yellow highlight) which kind of feels like cheating. Is it considered cheating though? I wish I had a way of proving it and if it's not that impressive I'd like to know.

Joined: 13 Nov 2017
Messages: 1

my best time 3:15 extreme+

Joined: 15 Jan 2018
Messages: 1

My fastest was 1:37

Joined: 17 Mar 2018
Messages: 2

Simeonov wrote:Quire rare I go under 10 mins. Looking up in the History, the av.time is 17+-8mins.

I like to do the extreme category with all help disabled, all highlighting disabled, and no pencil marks. When I first started this it was terrible. Now, my best time is around 6 with average being about 12.

I wish they would turn off pencil marks as a setting, because it really is a different game.
Priya Sharma


Joined: 21 Jan 2019
Messages: 1
Location: New Delhi

My time is 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

Joined: 7 Apr 2019
Messages: 2

8 of my top ten are below 7 minutes on the extreme level, I'm working on those last 2, then the next goal will be the 6:30 mark and then 6 minutes and so on until my top ten are all at zero. Could take me a while because I've noticed a few posts that are down to the 2 and 3 minute mark. My best is only 5:23.
I only hope that everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.

Joined: 12 May 2019
Messages: 2

My record for extreme is 2:43. Hard record is 1:22. I usually get around 3-5 minutes for extreme, and 2-3 minutes for hard. I would upload a screenshot, but there doesn't seem to be the ability to do that on mobile in this forum. Oh, well. I've been using the Genina app for maybe 4 years? Never really played Sudoku before that. I'm a smoker, so I play a game or two every time I go outside to burn one.

Joined: 1 Aug 2019
Messages: 3

I'm dissapointed, when over 2mins..
best ones around 1:15..
Ingrid Tjong

Joined: 4 Aug 2019
Messages: 1

My all time best is 02:06. My top 10 best for the extreme sudoku are all 2mins or 3mins.

On average i solve the puzzles in 3-5 mins when im focused.

4-6 mins while watching series (Yes, I watch tv series while playing sudoku almost everyday when i feel like it).

Max 10 mins on hard ones.

Ive played sudoku for 10 years now. Love it. Im 28 yo.

Joined: 14 Aug 2019
Messages: 2

cyberwhip wrote:I know I'll take some heat for this comment, but I'll say it anyways.... For extreme, anything under 2 minutes is most likely a cheat, anything near 1 minute is clearly cheating. I did a quick test, took a screenshot of an extreme, solved it offline, went back to resume the puzzle and all I did was type in the numbers (copy from the offline). That took about 1 minute. That was no thinking, no looking around. I uploaded the score and I wasn't even in the top 20. There are 81 squares, maybe 10 or 15 filled in for extreme, so 66 numbers at average 1 second each is over 1 minute.

You might be able to do an easy in 1 minute without cheating, mainly because there are less blanks to fill in.

i agree. My best for extreme is 2:06. I probably got the easiest extreme level puzzle that day. You know the ones you dont even have to use the pencil, and constantly filling the blank squares.
Don Dada

Joined: 9 Sep 2019
Messages: 2

Top extreme time is 2:10 average about 3-7 minutes but I occasionally have puzzles that take me from 15 minutes to sometimes well over an hour.

Joined: 9 Dec 2019
Messages: 1

3:27 extreme is my fastest

I see a lot of you mentioning that you made it to the Top 100 and i was wondering where to find the Top 10 on the site.

Joined: 5 Jan 2020
Messages: 1

Been playing for a little over a week (had a lot of free time during winter break) and I've managed to cut down my extreme times to 4-6 minutes. My best is a 3:39 and I have a couple others under 4 minutes. When I use auto fill I average 2 to 3 minutes. No idea how I compare to all of you hardcore players out there but for people averaging 10 plus I recommend getting comfortable with all of the strats like pointing pairs box line reduction etc that are easy to recognize with the highlighting feature

Joined: 28 Jan 2020
Messages: 1

Been playing for ~13 years. Best time is 53 seconds, averaging 1:45-2m
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