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Release 10.2.2
- this is a maintenance release that fixes bugs and display related issues on a some devices; if you haven't experienced any problems with the game on your device, you don't need to install this release

Release 10.1.4
- timer display problem should be fixed now, if it isn't on your device, please write to and let us know
- other bug fixes

- menu options are now accessible in a uniform way across all Android devices
- support for Nexus 9 and other devices of similar form factor
- uploads are now done over HTTPS

Release 9.2.1
- now you are able to choose the type of ads you will experience: in-game Banners or post-game Full screen (see Settings→Ad style)
- fixed the screen rotation bug
- fixed lagging on ad change

Release 9.1.3
- now there is a way to reset high scores / history (see Settings→Reset scores)
- bug fixes

Release 9.0.2
- undo / redo now works for pencil marks as well as numbers
- a new setting for "Auto pencil" erase / fill / both (default: "Erase"), for erasing / adding pensil marks automatically as cells are solved / cleared
- a new setting for highlighting the cells that contain the selected digit (default: "Both", for highlighting both the digits and the pencil marks)
- a new menu option: "Auto-fill" will fill out the pencil marks in all the empty cells (using this option counts as using helper because it may, inadvertently, give parts of the solution away)

- a new setting for "Default digit entry mode" ("Digit fist" vs. "Cell first")
- enable hardware keypad number keys for various hardware configurations (email us if it doesn't work for you)
- bug fixes

- bug fixes and performance improvements

- new digit entry mode setting combined with new game board layout
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus / ICS fix
- new option to reset entered digits only

Release 8.6.1
- introduced finger tracking while selecting a cell on the board or a value in the pop-up input box

Release 8.5.2
- bug fix release

Release 8.5.1
- new HINT confirmation dialog to prevent accidental HINT display
- added an ability to reset a puzzle in progress (with an option to reset pencil marks only)
- puzzles are now saved per level of difficulty
- when starting a new puzzle while another is in progress, there is now a confirmation dialog asking what to do
- Heyzap integration
- new languages supported:

  • German (special thanks to Wishu for providing this)
  • Swedish (special thanks to Baltsar for providing this)
  • Hebrew (special thanks to Liad for providing this)
  • Hungarian (special thanks to Csaba for providing this)

Older releases
- unfortunately, we haven't been keeping detailed change logs, until now
- from now on, see this page for a detailed change log for any new release

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